Welcome to my website. Being an Orcadian and having been in Local Government all my working life, I have had the good fortune, due to the nature of my job, to travel all round Orkney.

Seeing the landscape in all its changing moods certainly stimulated an interest in trying to capture the image.

Retirement took me to Hoy for some years and a substantial part of my portfilio is dedicated to this island.

Although my primary interest is in landscape photography an affinity with the sea always draws me to Orkney's dramatic coasts and shore line. The combination of land, sea and sky and that special quality of light can make photography a rewarding experience.

All that is required is a surfeit of patience and sprinkling of luck:- just trying to be in the right place at the right time.

Enjoy my website.

J.S Findlay.

The two old men of Hoy